Julia has returned home for the first time since she left shortly before Christmas. All scans of the additions have been added to the pages' original post.

Book 01: Pages 15-16

Round one by Melissa. (15.04.06)

Book 01: Pages 13-14

Round one by Melissa. (15.04.06)

Book 01: Pages 11-12

Round one by Melissa (15.04.06)

Book 01: Pages 9-10

Round one by Melissa. (15/04/06)


Airborne I

The first four spreads are done and Julia is going into the mail tomorrow.

Book 01: Pages 7-8

Let's see, there's a printmaking technique, a cityscape, and a botanical so far. It only seems fitting that I include another one of my calling cards: acrylic medium and water-coloured watermark tissue. Don't worry, there will be birds later. (07.12.05)

Melissa's contribution. (15.04.06)

Book 01: Pages 5-6

The beginning of a cityscape? We'll see what Melissa decides to do with it. (07.12.05)

Melissa's contribution (15.04.06).

Book 01: Pages 3-4

I have a thing for vines, ya dig? (07.12.05)

Melissa's contribution. (15.04.06)

Book 01: Pages 1-2

An unmounted and until now unused monoprint. (07.12.05)

Melissa's contribution (15.04.06)


A collaborative visual journal between Melissa in the city so nice they named it twice and Zhenia in the centre of the universe.

Zhenia's journal is named Julia, because she likes the name and it doesn't seem appropriate for a cat or dog. (Zhenia)